What is Included in A Professional Deep Cleaning?

If you haven’t cleaned your house in a long time, it’s time to have an expert deep clean it. Deep cleaning is different from regular cleaning. A deep cleaning involves a thorough, systematic process that covers areas that are usually not covered in a regular cleaning. In deep cleaning, the focus is on tackling deeply embedded dirt and grime.

There are many benefits of deep cleaning. It eliminates disease-causing bacteria and viruses hiding in hard-to-reach corners and improves indoor air quality.

Before you hire a cleaning service near you to deep clean your house, know what to expect.

Here is the definitive deep cleaning checklist from the experts at Blue Ribbon Cleaning Services. Take a look.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Checklist

Your kitchen can quickly become home to a whole host of dirt, grime, and bacteria if not cleaned frequently enough. Not only is it where you prepare most of your food, but oftentimes the kitchen is also one of the most highly trafficked rooms in your home.

A full deep-cleaning checklist includes:

  • Deep cleaning floors
  • Deep cleaning kitchen equipment
  • Cleaning and organizing kitchen drawers and cabinets
  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting the garbage disposal and cabinet doors
  • Cleaning under the sink
  • Disinfecting high-touch areas such as doorknobs, pulls, and light fixtures
  • Cleaning and organizing food storage containers
  • Cleaning the hood vent and changing its filter, if required
  • Vacuuming refrigerator coils
  • Cleaning stovetop burners

Deep Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

It should be self-explanatory that your bathroom needs to be one of the most frequently cleaned rooms in your home. If left unchecked, the bathroom can quickly become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Simply cleaning your bathroom isn’t enough either, periodically you need to deep clean the bathroom.

A full bathroom deep-cleaning checklist includes:

  • Cleaning air vents
  • Cleaning and disinfecting light switches, toothbrush holders, and fixtures
  • Deep cleaning shower curtain and liner, shower door frame, shower glass, and plastic strip at the bottom of glass shower door
  • Disinfecting countertops
  • Deep cleaning the toilet, sink, taps, and bathtub
  • Washing the trash can inside out
  • Thoroughly scrubbing and disinfecting bathroom (floor and wall) tiles
  • Cleaning the bathroom exhaust fan and shower head
  • Cleaning and decluttering the closet, cabinets, and drawers
  • Vacuuming and washing mats, and rugs

Deep Living Room and Family Area Cleaning Checklist

Behind your kitchen, the living and family rooms are bound to be the second most trafficked rooms in the home. They are the center of most family time and having them routinely deep-cleaned can help your family stay health.

A full deep-cleaning list includes:

  • Dusting wall corners, crown moldings, and floor moldings
  • Under furniture, and in between cushions
  • Cleaning lights and wash light globes
  • Removing unsightly scuff marks from doors and moldings
  • Dusting electronic devices and remote controls
  • Dusting ceiling fans, blinds, lamps and edges of wall hangings, pictures, and mirrors
  • windowsills
  • Vacuuming and dusting vents, baseboards, and closets
  • Mopping floors
  • Cleaning doors and doorframes

Deep Bedroom Cleaning Checklist 

You spend 8 hours a day in your bedroom sleeping. Make sure that you stay healthy by having a clean bedroom.

A typical deep-cleaning for a bedroom includes:

  • Dusting upper and lower crown moldings, edges of wall hangings, mirrors and pictures, baseboards, and windowsills
  • Cleaning light fixtures
  • Wiping down doorknobs and light switch plates to disinfect them
  • Cleaning door frames and under the bed

Blue Ribbon Cleaning Services is a top-rated cleaning company near you in Santa Rosa. We know everything there is to know about deep cleaning. We use time-tested techniques and specialized equipment to remove dust. To schedule a deep house cleaning, call us at (707) 588-0388.