Residential Cleaning Services in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County

Blue Ribbon Cleaning Services is a one-stop shop for all your residential cleaning needs. We are one of Rohnert Park’s most loved and trusted residential cleaners. For us, ensuring customer satisfaction is not good enough. We believe in delighting our customers.


For us, honesty, commitment, hard work, and dedication are more than just buzzwords. These are the four cornerstones of our business. We are committed to improving the health and the quality of life of our community members by making their homes feel fresh and inviting round the year.

Why Blue Ribbon for Residential Cleaning? 

We are the preferred residential cleaners of several households in Rohnert Park for a reason. Unlike many other cleaners that give houses a superficial cleaning, we thoroughly clean every nook and corner of homes.


Our Team

On the surface, house cleaning seems deceptively simple; however, there is more to house cleaning than meets the eye. Oftentimes, homeowners ignore certain areas when cleaning their home. Sadly, they do not realize that mistake until they have a full-blown infestation.


No one understands the complex nature of house cleaning jobs better than us. Our team consists of home cleaning experts with 45+ years of combined experience. To ensure flawless execution, our team prepares a home cleaning checklist before starting to work on a project.

Our cleaning experts have an eye for detail. They pay special attention to sneaky places where dust and allergens can hide.

State-Of-the-Art Equipment

If you think cleaning a house is as easy as 1,2,3, think again! A house cleaning job can entail looking for dust and dirt in difficult-to-reach areas. This can take some doing for a human, which is why we use high pressure cleaning equipment and methods especially designed to eliminate dust and dirt particles hiding in inaccessible areas.

Our Assurance 

Our personnel are bonded and covered by workers’ compensation. We run comprehensive background checks before hiring our employees. All our cleaning supplies meet the legal safety requirements. As an environmentally friendly business, we are strictly against the use of harsh, environmentally-damaging chemicals.

A Tradition of Trust

The name Blue Ribbon Cleaning Services is synonymous with trust. We proudly serve our Sonoma County community. Our staff demonstrates integrity and honesty at the workplace and in their personal lives. We cannot thank our customers enough for placing their trust in us as they (most of them do) provide us with a key to their homes. We push beyond our limits every day to uphold our customers’ trust.

Our Residential Cleaning Services

Rug Steam Cleaning

Cleaning rugs can take some doing. Ignored rugs are safe havens for bacteria and viruses. We use steam cleaning for eliminating germs, viruses, and molds hiding in different parts of rugs. Steam cleaning eliminates pet odors and allergens.

Tile/Grout Steam Cleaning

Tiles used in an area have a major impact on its aesthetic appeal. With time, tiles accumulate dust and get stained. We use steam cleaning to restore stained and dirty tiles to their former glory.

Home Window Cleaning

The importance of periodic window cleaning cannot be emphasized enough. Clean do not just amp up a home’s appearance, but also last longer. Regular cleaning and maintenance can increase a window’s efficiency and help avoid energy waste. We offer top-notch window cleaning services. Our expert window cleaners have an eye for detail and eliminate dust and dirt particles accumulated even in hard to reach areas.

Glass and Mirror Cleaning

Dirty glass surfaces and mirrors can be eyesores. Whenever a person touches these surfaces, hundreds of thousands of bacteria and viruses can attach themselves to their hands. We are committed to helping you show your mirrors and glass some love. We use eco-friendly disinfectants that are tough on germs, but soft on glass surfaces, helping preserve their original shine.

Windowsill and Track Cleaning

Windowsills and tracks accumulate dust over time. An unclean windowsill and track can impact the functioning of the window. If your window does not open as easily as it used to, give us a call.


Hate your cluttered, unkempt, and unclean house? Let the experts at Blue Ribbon Cleaning Services help you transform it into your dream home. To schedule an appointment, call us at 707-588-0388