One-Time Home Deep Cleaning Services

House cleaning is a time-consuming, tedious task. If you are tired of spending your weekends trying to clean your home, hire a cleaning service near Rohnert Park. A one-time house cleaning service can carry out all essential cleaning tasks, so you can make time for the things that matter.


A one-time house cleaning service can deep clean your home to:


  • Rid it of household odors that do not go away easily
  • Restore unclean items to their former glory
  • Remove built up grime, scale and dirt on countertops, floors, faucets and showerheads.
  • Reduce allergens such as dust particles, pollen and dander in your home.

What Does Professional One-time Deep Cleaning Include?


One-time cleaning services use specialized equipment to access hard-to-reach places in homes. With their trained eyes, house cleaning experts can notice dirt hiding in the most unlikely places. Environmentally friendly deep house cleaning services use green house cleaning products to deep clean areas without harming the environment.


During a deep cleaning session, your provider’s crew will


  • Vacuum your home using powerful vacuum cleaners designed to suck in tiny dirt particles that traditional vacuum cleaners often miss.
  • Dust lampshades, door handles, stair rails, restroom fixtures, touchpads, and other high-touch surfaces.
  • Mop your floors using green cleaning products devoid of any harmful chemicals.
  • Remove dirt and grime while eliminating disease-causing germs from hard and soft surfaces.
  • Wipe down household appliances, bathroom counters, baseboards, and handles.
  • Remove trash from your home and dispose of household waste in a responsible manner.

Your provider’s team will deep clean every room in your home including your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, kid’s playroom, home office, and living areas.


How Much Can One Expect to Pay to Have a Professional Deep-Clean Their House?


One-time professional deep cleaning costs tend to vary depending on several factors such as whether the homeowner has pets, size of the area to be deep cleaned, and dirt levels. Your provider will discuss pricing with you before starting to clean your home.


  • Size of areas to be cleaned: Large rooms usually cost more to clean than standard rooms-typically 120 to 200 sq. ft. in size.
  • Whether you have pets: If you have pets that shed expect to pay more.
  • Dirt levels: If you haven’t cleaned you haven’t house for quite some time and dust has accumulated, your provider may have to put in extra effort and may charge a higher fee.

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