How To Really Clean Before Your Open House

If you have decided to sell your home, get it ready for an open house. An open house provides you an opportunity to make a positive first impression on prospective buyers. Well-planned, flawlessly executed open houses can increase the chances of a quicker sale and you may even be able to increase your asking price.

One of the first things prospective buyers will notice during open houses is the level of cleanliness. To prepare your home for an open house, clean it. A clean house will make a lasting impression and may even influence a prospective buyer’s decision. House cleaning in Petaluma is a great way to eliminate stubborn and unsightly stains, giving your home a makeover.


Here are some ways to clean your house before an open house.


  • One of the first things prospective buyers will notice about your home is the entryway. A clean entryway will impress them. Thoroughly clean the entryway to get rid of accumulated dirt, dust and debris. Mop the area with a cleaning solution to get rid of stains and marks. For stubborn stains, use a powerful cleaning solution. Sweep sidewalks and steps leading into your house. Remove cobwebs in corners of your porch and overhangs
  • Consider giving your home an aromatic ambience. Use plug-in air fresheners, potpourri, or aroma sprays to make your home smell amazing. Prior to an open house, consider baking cookies or bread.
  • Remember every detail, no matter how minor it might seem, matters when trying to sell your house. Polish light fixtures and ceiling fans in your rooms. When cleaning globes and light casings, place a hand towel or dishcloth at the bottom of the sink to reduce the risk of glass breakage
  • Dust artificial flowers and plants, wicker furniture and art pieces with a hair dryer and soft cloth
  • Wipe baseboards and window sills and dust the top of walls, shelves, and door ledges
  • The less clutter, the more welcoming the room feels. To prevent clutter, neatly pack and store kitchen appliances instead of leaving them on the countertop. Store toys, old magazines and personal photos in their designated areas
  • Some prospective buyers might look inside the drawers and cupboards and closets to determine if there is enough space for their belongings. To create more space, adjust and straighten their doors
  • A poorly lit area will make your home appear poorly maintained. Make sure the light fixtures and lamps in every room are working
  • Clean windows will add natural light to your home making it look spacious. Thoroughly wash your windows to get rid of accumulated dirt and dust
  • Thoroughly clean sinks and faucets. Wipe them down using baby oil to make them sparkle


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