How to Clean A Home during Flu Season?

Winter is finally here. As temperatures drop, you will start spending more time indoors.

Studies suggest that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air, and we are sure you do not want to breathe dust-laden air. So, before winter hits in full force, make sure your house is in order.

Cleaning your home is one of the most effective ways to reduce your risk of seasonal illnesses.

A clean home will clear the mind, improve health, and boost productivity.

House cleaning is not a one-time activity. Areas and appliances in your home accumulate dust every day. Thus, you need to take some time out of your schedule regularly to clean your home. If this seems like an uphill struggle, hire a house cleaning company in Healdsburg.

Consider these tips while cleaning your home.

Use Clean Tools

It is one of the things many people overlook while cleaning their homes. When you clean with unclean tools, you waste your time and energy.

Before starting to clean your home, sanitize your cleaning tools to be sure you are truly cleaning your home. To steer clear of infections, avoid using tools previously used by someone who is sick. Use different mops for the bathroom and other rooms.

If you hire a house cleaning company, make sure the cleaning team properly sanitizes the tools they bring and the workspaces they touch.

Do Not Forget Hard to Reach Places


Some hard to reach places in a home are cabinet tops, behind the toilet, shower door tracks, and heating & air register covers. If you skip these areas while cleaning your home, they will continue accumulating dust. Your HVAC system may also play a role in circulating dust into your home, negatively affecting indoor air quality.

Make it a point to clean these areas regularly. Create a cleaning strategy for every area. Here are some hard to reach places and how to clean them.

  • Ceiling and Moldings: When cleaning your ceilings and moldings, use a long-handled duster or broom to whisk the dirt down. Once all the dirt falls on the ground, vacuum the area.
  • Behind the Toilet: Use a dry stiff brush to get rid of loose dust, hair, and soil. Then use a sponge and a disinfectant cleaner to wipe down the area.
  • Shower Door Tracks: Using the crevice tool on your vacuum, remove as much loose dust and grime as possible. Next, create a cleaning solution by mixing two cups of warm water and one teaspoon each of household ammonia and dishwashing liquid. Spray the tracks with the cleaning solution. Use a flexible brush with stiff bristles to scrub it out.

Disinfect High-Traffic Areas


High-traffic areas such as entryways and kitchen surfaces are germ hotspots. Clean these areas regularly. Install entrance floor mats and impose a ‘no shoes inside the home’ rule. Wipe down kitchen surfaces after preparing the last meal for the day and get rid of spills as they occur.

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