How Cleaning Services Help Elderly Parents Stay Healthy and Independent

Most elderly parents do not want to give up their home and move into a senior living facility or with their children. People enjoy their independence and they want to remain in the home they have owned for decades.

The gift of a cleaning service makes it easier for elderly individuals to have a clean and safe living space without overexerting themselves. This guide lists some of the benefits that a cleaning service offers to elderly people.

Prevent Dangerous Falls


The risk of a fall increases as people age and the injuries could be life-threatening. One-third of people over the age of 65 experiences at least one fall each year. Climbing a stool to wash a window or dust a shelf could lead to an emergency room visit or a hospital stay. If the senior has a cluttered home, then the fall could be from tripping over items left out of place and in walkways.

Elderly individuals may want to care for their own home, so it is important to remind them that they still have control — even with a housekeeper. The cleaning services allow people to hire the cleaner for jobs where they must climb, lift or do other difficult tasks. The homeowner can leave the rest of the work for themselves, so they get the exercise they need and the pride in caring for their home.

Keep Them Healthy


A lack of energy or poor eyesight may make it difficult for the senior to clean the home thoroughly. Deep cleaning of bathrooms, carpeting, and soft furnishings removes allergens and bacteria that can lead to illnesses. Many elderly individuals have conditions or weakened immune systems that make them more vulnerable than they were in the past.

A weekly or bi-weekly visit from a cleaning service could keep bathrooms and kitchens sanitized. In addition, deep cleaning furnishings and carpets every few months, or after an illness, helps the home stay fresh. Even small tasks like wiping off light switches or doorknobs can reduce the spread of germs during cold and flu season.

Free up Time


A senior may have spent 50 years or more performing chores and keeping a home clean and organized. The golden years should include more than dusting and laundry. Convince them to accept the gift of cleaning services by encouraging them to use their free time outside the home.

Save the energy normally spent on housework and use it for lunch with friends, a round of golf, or shopping with the grandchildren.

Host Holiday Celebrations


A clean home and more free time may enable seniors to host holiday gatherings at their home again. The ability to socialize helps everyone, but the elderly benefit even more. Studies have shown that seniors that socialize have fewer health problems, better mental acuity, and a life with purpose.

Over time, they may begin to socialize more throughout the year. A clean home can make them more comfortable with inviting guests. In fact, they may want to have people around just to show off how great their home looks.

Help With Forgetfulness


A cluttered home can increase confusion when people struggle with memory loss issues or when managing an illness— and in a clean, uncluttered environment it is easier to find things. People can place their medication where they will see it. There is a spot for everything, like the car keys. Organization reduces stress and that can lead to a happier life.

Maintaining independence matters to the elderly because they know that once they lose their ability to care for themselves they may never be able to live alone again. Help parents to extend their time of freedom with the gift of a clean, organized home. Contact us at Blue Ribbon Cleaning Services to learn how to customize the service to the needs of your parents.