5 Tips to Make House Cleaning Fun

For most homeowners in Santa Rosa, house cleaning in can be time-consuming and involve a lot of effort. Oftentimes, it is one of the most hated household chores. Many people do not place a priority on cleaning. They laze around instead of cleaning their home on weekends. House cleaning is a drag, but also an essential chore. A clean home helps improve focus and concentration, boosting productivity. Regular house cleaning improves indoor air quality by eliminating germs that can make you sick.


So, why not make it fun? Here are our top tips to have fun while cleaning your house.


Invest in Fun Gear


Before cleaning your house, get in a cleaning mood. Get rid of old mops, brooms and dish rags. Replace them with brightly colored cleaning supplies. Colorful cleaning tools can improve your mood. Consider towels with funny quotes on them or a brightly colored sponge or a sponge in an unusual shape. Scented dishwashing soaps or a broom in your favorite color can make boring cleaning tasks fun.


Turn House Cleaning into a Game


There are several ways you can make house cleaning a game. For example, you can challenge your partner or child to see who can finish cleaning a room first. Whoever completes the task first, orders dinner or gets to decide which movie to watch later. Create a points chart. Assign points to tasks. Whoever completes a task gets the point assigned to it. At the end of the week, the person with the most points gets a gift.


Make it a Full-Body Workout


Believe it or not, a deep cleaning session counts as exercise. A study found that when we do labor-intensive chores such as cleaning floors or the shower, our body burns four times more calories than it does when we loll on a couch. Before cleaning, decide how many calories you want to burn. Challenge yourself to spend a certain number of active minutes performing different house cleaning tasks. Use a pedometer or your fitness tracker to see how many steps you average when you clean your house. Aim to walk a hundred steps more every time or push yourself to do jumping jacks for 30 seconds after vacuuming a room.


Play Music


Music is a stressbuster and can help finish boring tasks faster. It can get your body moving and keep your mind occupied while you clean your house. Crank up the volume of your stereo system and groove to your favorite music as you move from one room to another.


Reward Yourself


Reward yourself with a piece of chocolate after you tidy a room. If you spend a good chunk of a day cleaning your house, take the rest of the day for yourself. Have drinks with your friends or go on a movie date.


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