5-Point Checklist When Booking Home Cleaning Services

Your home is one of your most expensive assets! Home cleaning services are small investments you make to ensure your home remains clean and beautiful. While you might be looking for house cleaning in Sonoma County for an occasion or upcoming festival, many people hire these services routinely. Regardless of your purpose, there are many things you must consider before you choose a home cleaning service. Let’s discuss them!


5-Point Checklist When Booking Home Cleaning Services


Point 1 – Types of Services They Offer


Many home cleaning companies offer a range of services which usually vary according to your needs. For example, you might find companies offering home cleaning services that would not include your backyard, patio, and garage. Similarly, you might also find companies that offer customized services according to the number of rooms. Therefore, discuss in detail what is included and what is excluded in service packs before you book one.


Point 2 – The Job Duration


Depending on the size of your home, it can take a considerable amount of time for Sonoma County home cleaning services to finalize that sheen for your home. This is due to a variety of reasons. So, it’s important to make sure your schedule is not affected by the timings of service delivery.


Always ask the provider to define the job duration. Since you might also have your own work to focus on when the cleaning service specialists visit, you should consider how much time it will take to perform the job and whether it is convenient for you.


Point 3 – Types of Cleaning Products They Use


Your and your family members’ health is important. Therefore, for any cleaning services company you consider, you must ask about the type of cleaning products they use. Some products contain hazardous chemicals that might cause damage and emit harmful fumes in the air. Therefore, always make sure you choose a company that assures using safe cleaning materials.


Point 4 – Reliability Quotient


Another thing to consider is the company’s reputation in the market. For this, you can check their social handles, Google Business profile, or websites like Trustpilot, Yelp, BBB, etc. Most of the trustworthy companies have their website; so, you can also check what their previous customers say about them and their services. Are they satisfied? Consider choosing one with a high rating and great reviews across the web.


Point 5 – Service Costs


It might or might not be a great deal for you, but it has to be taken into consideration. Your hard-earned money should be utilized for quality services. To make sure it is not wasted, compare the prices of multiple companies and choose one that meets your home cleaning needs and also fits your budget.




The points discussed above will help you get the best deal and you can rest assured about your home cleaning. If you are looking for home cleaning services in Sonoma County, you may contact us for high-quality, safe cleaning services. At Blue Ribbon Cleaning Services, we clean your home like our own and leave no corner untouched, leading to complete satisfaction. To get a quote, dial (707) 588-0388 now!