5 Areas to Clean More Often

You probably have basic household cleaning tasks that you don’t skip, like washing the dishes, vacuuming and tidying your desk.
Then, you might have areas of your home that sit neglected, either because you’re too busy to get to them or simply don’t think about them. Here’s a look at what areas you should focus on cleaning more often.

1. Windowsills and Tracks

Perhaps you remember to wipe down the glass portion of your window, but what about the sill and the tracks? Dirt has a habit of settling in these areas. The dirt may even run down into the track when you spray the glass with cleaner. Over time, dirt on the tracks makes windows harder to open and close. The sills may also absorb moisture, causing your windows to mold and deteriorate prematurely.

To clean windowsills and tracks, start by vacuuming up any surface dust. Wipe the sills down with hot, soapy water. Then, use a cotton swab
dipped in white vinegar to clean the grooves along the tracks. You’ll be amazed at how much grime you remove.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors have a habit of getting progressively dirtier and cloudier before you realize you have to strain to look at your reflection. A grimy mirror
makes your whole room look dimmer.

Luckily, all you need to do to clean the mirror is wipe it down with rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad. A little extra elbow grease can easily remove
any caked-on gunk. Then, spray the mirror down with regular window cleaner, and wipe the mirror with a microfiber cloth.

3. Light Switches

They’re so tiny that you rarely think about them, but you use them multiple times per day, introducing germs with every use. Some experts even
assert that light switches are the dirtiest thing in most homes.

Wipe down your light switches with a disinfectant wipe at least once a week. Additionally, wipe down the refrigerator door handle, oven knobs,
and doorknobs. These highly touched areas have high amounts of germs as well.

4. Washing Machine

The soap you put in your laundry machine should clean clothing, not the washer itself. Laundry soap can deposit around the tub in your washing machine. Then, the soap grabs onto grime, later re-depositing that grime on your clothing and linens.

Newer washing machines have a cleaning cycle, which you should run every week or every other week, according to Apartment Therapy. If your
machine does not have a cleaning cycle, run an empty load at least once a month.

Turn the settings to high and hot, and add a cup of bleach or vinegar as the washer fills. Once full, let the washer agitate for a minute, and then let it soak for an hour before continuing the cycle. Your clothes will get so much cleaner.

Keep up with the often forgotten cleaning tasks above for a cleaner home. If you have trouble keeping up with all the cleaning necessary for a tidy and healthy home, contact Blue Ribbon Cleaning Services. Our trained professionals can handle everything, from wiping your windows to
shampooing the carpets.