4 Vacuum Cleaning Mistakes You Might Be Making

The vacuum cleaner is one of the most useful household tools because it simplifies house cleaning by eliminating the need of having to manually clean spaces.


Though vacuuming is not a new concept, many homeowners still make mistakes while vacuuming and end up distributing more dirt throughout their house instead of removing it. No wonder they struggle to keep their house clean even when they vacuum regularly.


Without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the common vacuum cleaning mistakes we see homeowners in Healdsburg make.


Unidirectional Vacuuming 


Vacuuming in one direction does not remove all the dust and dirt particles from the surface. When you vacuum a carpet in one direction, the fibers fold over or twist and block the suction from removing tiny dirt particles. Vacuuming in both directions removes all dirt and allergen particles.


Not Cleaning the Bags


Most vacuum cleaners use a bag or container to store dust and dirt sucked in by the device. There is a limit to the amount of dirt and dust a vacuum cleaner’s bag can hold.


When your vacuum cleaner’s bag gets full and you continue to vacuum without emptying it, your cleaner’s efficiency can drop by as much as 50% and it will struggle to pick up all of the dirt.


Furthermore, vacuuming when your bag is full puts stress on your vacuum cleaner. Emptying the container of a vacuum cleaner is no fun, but it is important to the proper maintenance of your vacuum. Empty your bags when they’re half full.


Vacuuming Too Fast


Vacuuming can be a tedious household chore, but this does not mean you can rush through the task. If you vacuum too quickly, your vacuum cleaner won’t get the chance to suck in the dirt scattered throughout your home and all your hard work may go down the drain. To your dismay, you may have an unclean house even after hours of vacuuming. Take your time to vacuum your floors, carpets, and flat surfaces. Move in slow, repetitive and overlapping strokes to allow your vacuum to suck in all of the dirt.


Not Dusting Your Home Before Vacuuming


Before vacuuming your home, dust your door frames, mantlepiece, and other furnishings. When you dust your home before vacuuming, you push dirt and dust onto your carpet.


Once you start vacuuming, your vacuum cleaner sucks in dirt and dust particles scattered throughout your carpet. On the contrary, if you vacuum first and dust afterwards, dirt and dust particles get an opportunity to settle down on your carpet’s fabrics and may stay there until the next cleaning session.


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