4 Tips For Successful Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here! Now is the perfect time to prepare your home for summer by giving it a nice deep clean. There are several benefits of house cleaning. Cleaning your house before summer is a great way to get rid of airborne pathogens. An organized and clean home makes you more productive. Spring cleaning declutters your house and helps eliminate the grime accumulated over the winter season.

Here are some tips for Kenwood and Sonoma County homeowners for cleaning your house this spring.

Clean Room By Room

Cleaning room by room is a great way to deep clean your home. Before starting, create a cleaning checklist for every room. A cleaning checklist will help you stay organized and remind you of the areas that need extra attention. To save time, skip any areas that you have cleaned recently. Be sure to deep clean areas that were largely neglected over the winter.


Research shows that clutter can make us feel stressed. A cluttered home environment can lead to poor decision-making. Sort your belongings into four categories:

  • trash
  • give away
  • store
  • put away

The sooner you get rid of trash, the better. Donate the items you no longer use or need, and store the ones that you won’t use in summer. If you want to make quick cash, organize a yard sale to sell your stuff.

Don’t Forget Your Walls, Windows, and Sliding Door Tracks

Using a damp towel, wipe down your walls and blinds. Start from the top and work your way to the bottom. Use a homemade glass cleaner instead of chemical cleaners to clean your windows, as they can leave behind ugly streaks. To create your glass cleaning solution, mix ¼ cup rubbing alcohol, ⅓ cup vinegar, and ⅓ cup cold water. Dip a soft cloth in the glass cleaning solution and wipe down the window screens.

To clean your sliding door tracks, first scrub them with old, dry toothpaste. This will loosen debris. Next, vacuum them to get rid of loose debris particles. Finally, clean your sliding door tracks with a wet sponge.

Clean High-Touch Surfaces 

High-touch surfaces such as bed rails, door handles, stair railings, sink faucets, and light switches can harbor harmful bacteria and viruses that can spread quickly. Cleaning these surfaces is an effective way to make your house look cleaner and protect your loved ones from disease-causing germs. First, clean dirt off these surfaces and then wipe them with disinfectant. Follow these steps if you haven’t cleaned the high-touch surfaces in your home for quite some time:

  • Remove debris using a soft, clean towel
  • Use hot water and detergent to loosen dirt particles still sticking to the surfaces
  • Rinse with hot water
  • Apply a chemical disinfectant to the surfaces to kill microorganisms
  • Rinse again with hot water
  • Let the surfaces air dry
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