4 Reasons Why You're Failing at House Cleaning

From reduced stress levels to better physical and mental health, a clean and organized home has several benefits. Do you struggle to maintain a clean home? You are not alone. Keeping your home clean can be challenging (but not impossible!). Instead of trying to do extraordinary things, get the simple things right, and you will excel at house cleaning.


Here are some reasons why Sonoma County house cleaners see homeowners failing at house cleaning.




When faced with a big house cleaning task, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, try breaking larger tasks into small, manageable tasks that you can accomplish. For example, if you have a messy kitchen, instead of trying to do everything at once, start by taking care of simpler tasks such as unloading the dishwasher and putting away dishes first.


You Have Your Hands Full


Have too much on your plate and struggling to find time to clean your home? Take a moment and try to identify your work and personal commitments that drain your energy. Are there any obligations that can be eliminated?


If you can, squeeze some easy tasks into your busy day. Typical examples include changing towels in the bathroom, scrubbing the toilet bowl, and taking out the trash. Instead of trying to clean your entire home on Saturdays/Sundays, clean a little each day. Enlist your family members to help you with cleaning tasks. 


If you are too busy and your work commitments do not allow you to squeeze cleaning into your routine, it’s best to outsource house cleaning to a Sonoma County house cleaner.


Not Getting Enough Help From Your Family


Maintaining a clean home is a collective responsibility. Delegate responsibilities by assigning cleaning tasks to every family member. If your family members refuse to cooperate:


  • Stop cleaning their rooms.
  • Do not clean up after them.
  • Make cleaning fun for the whole family. Turn on some music and dance with your loved ones while cleaning. Have a contest to see who completes their chores the fastest.
  • Motivate your kids by offering incentives such as an increase in their allowance if they help you regularly with house cleaning tasks.

Unrealistic Expectations


Having a spotless home is next to impossible, especially if you have kids or pets. For your loved ones, spending quality time with you is more important than having an immaculate home. Instead of putting pressure on yourself by setting unrealistic expectations, adopt the good enough mentality.


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