4 Reasons Why a Weekly House Cleaning Service is Better Than a Monthly Cleaning

There are several health benefits of a clean house. A clean house feels and looks more inviting. A calm, clean setting is known to boost productivity and improve mental state.

Many people know the benefits of a clean home, yet they procrastinate cleaning their residence as they find it to be a tedious and tiring chore. They wait until ignoring the accumulated mess is no longer an option.

This is a flawed approach. House cleaning companies in Sonoma County and elsewhere recommend cleaning the home every week. Here’s why!

Promotes Better Health

The longer you wait to clean your home, the more dust will settle in different areas. Additionally, clutter can increase in between cleanings. If you wait for the last day of the month to clean your home, dust will accumulate on furniture, upholstery, and appliances.

Breathing in high concentrations of dust can negatively impact lung function. Exposure to dust can trigger a dust mite allergy reaction and other allergic reactions such as skin irritation or asthma.

To steer clear of these issues, create and follow a weekly cleaning schedule. At first, you may find your new cleaning routine demanding; however, with time, you will get used to cleaning your home every week.

Cleaning your home more frequently will leave you feeling satisfied. A clean home attracts positive energy. Once you start experiencing the benefits of weekly cleaning, you wouldn’t want to go back to your old routine.

Less Stress and Anxiety

If you wait till the last day of the month to clean your home, you may have to spend hours on restoring it to its former glory. Isn’t it a better idea to spend a little time every week to maintain and organize your home? This way, you can distribute your tasks and portion your cleaning routine. When you clean in small segments, it won’t feel cumbersome to accomplish.

A More Aesthetically Pleasing Home

Cleaning your home regularly is one of the most effective ways to maintain its aesthetic appeal. If you wait till the month’s last day to clean your home, you will panic everytime unexpected guests show up at your door.

You Will Prevent Pest Infestations

A full-blown pest infestation is an average homeowner’s nightmare. Clutter attracts pests. When you let dirt and clutter pile up, you unknowingly send an open invitation to pesky pests such as rodents, ants, cockroaches, and flies.

To prevent pests from wreaking havoc on your home, take out the trash regularly. Clean up spills and messes as soon as they happen. Most importantly, do not let clutter pile up.

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