4 Questions You Need to Ask While Hiring a Maid Service

Everyone knows the benefits of a clean home, but most of us do not have enough time to clean our homes thoroughly. Even if you take out time from your busy schedule, keeping your house clean and uncluttered can feel like an uphill battle.

We are sure you have better things to do on weekends than cleaning every nook and cranny of your home. If you do not have the time or hate cleaning, hire a maid service.

Be careful when choosing a maid service near you. Remember, not all maid services are created equal. You should enough time researching to thoroughly evaluate your options. Once you have narrowed down your list, call their office to schedule an appointment.

Before you meet with a professional maid service, create a list of questions. During the meeting, ask these questions to gauge the company’s skill level and professionalism.

Here are some questions to include in your list, courtesy of Blue Ribbon Cleaning Services.

Are you insured and bonded?

If your provider does not carry worker’s compensation and one of their employees gets injured while working in your home, you may be held liable for damages.

Make sure your provider is bonded and carries liability insurance. In case an item gets damaged, broken, or goes missing in your home, your provider’s insurer will compensate you for the loss.

How do you screen your employees?


You should know who is entering your home. Reputable house cleaning services keep safety top of mind. They perform background checks before hiring a new employee and screen applicants for drug abuse and criminal history.  


Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?


Ask your provider whether they have a plan in place to set things right if you are not satisfied with their service. Most reputable house cleaning companies provide a satisfaction guarantee.

What services get included in your package?


Some house cleaning companies offer limited services based on the selected package. Make sure you are aware of these limitations before hiring a provider. Ask how many people will be coming into your home to clean it.

If you are willing to take care of the basic day-to-day chores and want the cleaning team to perform certain tasks such as dusting, floor scrubbing, and baseboard cleaning, ensure to inform your provider as it may affect the overall cost.

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