Tips to Clean Your House Without Breaking a Sweat

House cleaning is one of the most arduous household chores. It involves time-consuming tasks, including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and deep cleaning. To make matters worse, many homeowners aren’t able to get their desired results after hours of back-breaking labor as they lack the expertise of professional home cleaning services.

Contrary to popular opinion, cleaning a house doesn’t have to be a struggle. Many cleaning problems arise because homeowners do not know the right way to clean their homes.

Use the right cleaning techniques to clean your home swiftly and effectively. Do you think house cleaning is the most time-consuming and physically-demanding household chore?

Follow these simple tips from a house cleaning company in Petaluma to clean your house like a professional.

Gather Cleaning Supplies Before Starting

To save time, carry a caddy filled with all the cleaning products including furniture polish, all-purpose spray cleaner, sponges, scrub brushes, and microfiber clothes. Since you will be using all of these tools, save time by having them all on-hand rather than needing to retrieve one for each step of the cleaning process.

Declutter Before Cleaning

Many homeowners try to clean and declutter at the same time. It’s very difficult to clean when toys, clothes, books and other items are lying on furniture and the floor. Before starting to clean your house, pick up and put items away where they belong to help save time.

Dust Before Vacuuming

Dust, allergens and other contaminants float in the air inside your home. Dusting and wiping surfaces will trap dust particles, preventing allergic reactions. Vacuuming afterwards will remove any remaining dirt. If you dust afterwards, dirt particles will linger in your air and eventually land back on surfaces.

Use Microfiber Cloth to Clean Appliances

Wiping down appliances with a traditional kitchen rag, followed by a towel, can leave unsightly streaks that are difficult to get rid of. To prevent ugly stains and streaks, use a wet microfiber cloth to clean a stainless steel appliance, then immediately wipe it down with a dry microfiber cloth.

Carry a Trash Bag

Carry one big trash bag around the house while you are cleaning and emptying all the waste baskets in your house. Empty the contents of the trash can in each room into the bag as you go rather than needing to make a trip for each individual trash can.

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