Tips for Hiring House Cleaning Services

If keeping your home clean and tidy does not top your priority list, you should reconsider. An unclean and unkempt home has alow aesthetic appeal. Additionally, an unclean home is a haven for harmful bacteria and viruses. Exposure to these viruses and bacteria can cause serious health issues over time. Cleaning a home is an involved task. You may find it difficult to take out some time from your busy schedule to clean your home.

To keep your house spick and span, hire house cleaning services in Santa Rosa. House cleaning companies employ experts who know a thing or two about house cleaning. These professionals use the latest equipment designed to ensure thorough cleaning. They know the best practices and secrets of house cleaning like the back of their hand. Every house cleaning professional, however, is not an expert. When looking for an expert house cleaner who deserves your trust, you must have your guard up. Watch out for self-proclaimed know-all experts who make tall claims but have no credentials to back them. Here are a few tips that you can follow when hiring a house cleaning service in Santa Rosa.


Ask friends and family members for recommendations. Use the Internet to find a reputable professional. Visit different forums that discuss house cleaning services in your area/city. To find out the ranking of your preferred service providers, visit BBB’s website. Make sure there are no cases pending against your preferred service provider. Go through online reviews and ratings. Steer clear of businesses with poor ratings. Invite at least three quotes.

Interview Candidates

Once you have a list of your preferred candidates, call their office to schedule an appointment. When you call a house cleaning company, take note of how the receptionist interacts with you. Do they give you their full attention? Do they sound annoyed answering your questions? Steer clear of companies with an unprofessional client facing team. During your meetings with house cleaning professionals, ask them questions related to their experience and the projects they have handled. Assess their credentials. Request the provider to take you through a few of their challenging projects. Ask for references.

Check Credentials

To be sure that you are dealing with an expert, call the office of the local industry body to enquire whether the professional/business is bonded, registered, and insured. Make sure the company conducts a thorough background check on every employee.

Get Everything in Writing

After you have finalized a business that deserves your trust, get everything in writing. Your written agreement must cover every detail including the scope of work, time limit for tasks to be done every day, and the fee charged by the provider. The agreement must clearly spell out the rights and obligations of the parties to the contract.

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