Carpet stain prevention is an art form that challenges many homeowners. Many homeowners use a combination of stain guards and good cleaning practices to keep their carpet in good condition. These eight tips will help you prevent carpet stains.

1. Leave Shoes at the Door


Shoes pick up dirt outside the home, then deposit that dirt inside the home. Leaving shoes at the door can prevent this problem. To encourage your family to leave their shoes at the door, set up a shoe shelf or cabinet in the foyer where shoes can be deposited upon entry.

If there’s room, then place a bench beside the shoe wrack, so your children will have a place to sit down and remove their shoes without toppling over.

2. Keep Pets Out of Nice Rooms


Pets have a way of staining carpets. Some pets have accidents, while others drag in dirt from the outside. Either way, restricting the pet’s access to certain parts of the house can help preserve the carpet in rooms that you want to keep tidy. This can be done with baby gates or by keeping doors shut. You can remove the barriers after you’ve trained your pet to stay out.

3. Lay Down Rugs


Rugs protect carpet in high-traffic areas. Lay down rugs in parts of the home where people frequently sit or walk on the carpet. Primary areas to lay down rugs include stairways, entrances to the home, hallways, and the living room.

4. Vacuum Regularly


Vacuuming religiously can prevent dirt and stains from being ground into your carpet pile. Adjust your vacuum to the height of the pile to ensure proper air flow and maximize the suction from the vacuum. Empty the vacuum bag regularly and clean the filter as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions.  

5. Set Ground Rules About Where Food Goes


Many kids like taking food out to the living room when they’re watching their favorite television program. Unfortunately, eating and drinking over carpet is one of the most common ways that carpet is stained by food.

To prevent this type of staining from happening, set ground rules about where food can go in your home, and what kind of food (if any) can be consumed over carpet. Set rules about juices as well to protect your carpet from spills.

6. Teach Your Kids to Clean up Their Spills


Even with rules about where food can and can’t be eaten, stains and spills can still happen. When they’re old enough, teach your children to clean up their own spills using the same techniques that you use to clean carpets yourself. Keep non-toxic carpet cleaning products (like vinegar) in easy reach to encourage your kids to clean their stains in a timely manner.

7. Have Carpets Shampooed Regularly


Carpet shampooing is useful for removing stains and ground-in dirt. Have your carpets shampooed at least once annually or as often as needed to keep your carpet in good condition. When the cleaners come to your home, show them the problem areas where stains have accumulated, so they can spend extra time on those spots. 

8. Stain Guard Your Carpet


Stain guard makes carpet easier to clean. Have your carpet professionally stain guarded on a regular basis. Stain guard does wear off over time, so talk to your cleaning expert to find out how often the stain guard should be reapplied.

Contact a Residential Cleaning Expert


If you have more questions about how you can keep your carpet in good condition, then contact a residential cleaning expert in your area. At Blue Ribbon Cleaning Services, we’re happy to answer homeowner questions about how to keep their carpet in good condition. Contactus today to find out more.