6 Maid Hiring Tips to Keep Your House Looking Great

House cleaning can be backbreaking work depending on how often you do it. Understandably, it is one of the most hated household chores. If you, like many other homeowners, hate spending hours every weekend trying to clean every nook and cranny of your house, hire a maid service in Sonoma County to do the job for you!

When searching for a trustworthy house cleaning professional, you will likely meet amateurs pretending to be experts. Here are some tips for choosing a maid service that you can rely on.


Check Their License

Before offering house cleaning services, a professional must obtain a business license. To obtain their license, a house cleaning professional must demonstrate their expertise and undergo a licensure test that checks their knowledge. Make sure the provider you are considering has a valid license. If you smell something fishy, do not hesitate to check the provider’s license.


Look For a Provider That Carries Insurance

Before hiring a maid service in Sonoma County, check they have proper insurance. When you hire an insured house cleaning contractor and someone on their crew gets injured while working on your property, the provider’s insurer takes care of the claim. On the other hand, if you hire an uninsured contractor, you may be held liable for damages suffered by the contractor’s employees due to an accident that occurred on your property while they were working on it.

Check Providers’ Reputation

There are multiple ways to check a house cleaning professional’s reputation. Go to the business’s profiles on different social media websites to see what people are talking about them. Inspect their reputation and review any potential complains with the BBB. Check out online reviews and testimonials to determine if the provider is known for consistent, quality service.

Look For a Provider That Has the Right Cleaning Supplies

Look for a company that uses advanced cleaning equipment designed to deal with dirt hiding in hard-to-reach spots. If you or someone else in your home has an allergy, find out if the provider you are considering uses hypoallergenic cleaning products. Most responsible home cleaners use supplies that are environmentally conscious to help keep your family and pets safe from any lingering chemicals.

Inspect Their Service Offerings

When you’re evaluating a provider, it’s important to look at their overall services offered to make sure that they can provide what you need. Depending on your home, different tools and approaches may be required for adequate cleaning. Not to mention, residential and commercial buildings have vastly different approaches to cleaning & maintaining correctly. A residential-focused cleaner may not give the same results as a commercial-focused cleaner.

Luckily, Blue Ribbon Cleaning Services specializes in both residential and commercial cleanings so you can rest assured that our cleaning is always done to the highest standard.

Get Everything in Writing

A service agreement should include important information such as how frequently the provider’s team will clean your house, costs, and the services to be provided. Make sure that you fully understand the agreement and ask any clarifying questions if needed. You want to avoid any confusion on the agreement so that both you and your chosen cleaning company both understand the expectations.

Our team comprises seasoned house cleaning experts. Our unparalleled ability to tailor cleaning solutions to our customers’ needs sets us apart from other maid services in Sonoma County. To request a quote or schedule an estimate, call (707) 588-0388.